Pitch not calibrating to zero

I think this has been a bug for a while, but sometimes when I disengage the autopilot, the calibrated neutral position is no longer at zero pitch input (as in the purple line is showing). Recalibrating does not help. The only way to fix is to arm VS autopilot, recalibrate, and disarm again. Almost crashed a few days ago because of this.

The purple line does not move since you are on autopilot. Winds and weight also play a factor. If you set the device neutral calibration but you aircraft is a heavy load, You nose will tend to drop.

No I’m saying at the calibrated position the purple line is still showing.

with or without A/P being engaged?

Maybe it has to do with the speed

Nah, speed isn’t a huge factor unless you are going Mach 2 in an F22

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Maybe it has to do with the winds. It might not know how to do it with the winds more than 100 knots. It has happened to me

crosswind for example. Wind can push your aircraft down if the wind is extremely high. Like LFPG had winds of 19kts on short final and when I disengaged A/P, my aircraft was like a magnet to the ground.

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This is getting off track… By “pitch” I mean the pitch of the accelerometer of my phone, not the pitch of the plane.
The problem is, in the calibrated position, where the input is supposed to be zero on the pitch axis, the purple line beside trim is not blank.

The purple line has nothing to do with the accelerometer of your phone

The purple line shows the input of either the pilot or the autopilot on the pitch axis.

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