Pitch indicator

So when I fly typically I use the cockpit cam where you see just the cockpit, I use this cam for immersion and it kinda bugs me when I’m unable to see pitch climb without a different cam, so in addition a feature you could change at the bottom sidebar gives you the ability to see your pitch of the aircraft

Come to think of this i like the sound of that ,coz having to change cameras its boring and its getting old.The feature could prove to be the greatest this and addition towards realism. U got my vote on that…

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You may not be able to see the exact pitch on the bottom bar but there is an option to use the VS where you can sorta gauge your accent and decent from different camera s as seen in my bar on the bottom of my screen.


Considering how easy it is to change vertical speed without pitch (flaps, speed, etc.), that is not an accurate indication. RN, the best IF has to offer in this area is either the HUD, or guessing based on the position of the horizon.


I’m a little confused, is this not pitch?:

Am I missing something?

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I’d be all for adding positive & negative numbers (degrees) next to each rung on the pitch ladder to reduce the likelihood of disorientation (especially when doing aerobatics or flying in IFR conditions).



Don’t think so, but as a Pilot with Emirates for over 21yrs! Maybe I don’t have a clue either. Do know yaw…

Yeah, that lines indecate 5° each one, if the nose is two lines up means 10° nuse pitch up… but he’s requesting a pitch indicator without having the HUD active, may be can be added in the bottom bar.

How to pay know my pitch angle indicator exact degrees?

You can’t see exact number, you just have to use the 5 degree incremental lines and gauge off of that.

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Ok thank you