Pitch HotFix Available! - IF Cockpit : Android & iOS Remote app for Infinite Flight + Tutorial added

Here it is !
After some tests, IF Cockpit is up and running on iOS 9 and 10 (iPhone 5c and later) (don’t buy if your device or OS version is older) and ANDROID 5 OR LATER

Now also available for Android !



Some words on the app :

What do I get ?

You can control any device with another (iOS can control Android and vice versa)
Control for all these things (No In App Purchase !) :

  • Throttle
  • Rudder
  • Pitch & Roll (with pan tilt movements)
  • Gear (toggle)
  • Breaks (toggle)
  • Spoilers (toggle: Flight/Armed/Off)
  • Flaps (Up/Down)
  • Autopilot : SPD, HDG, ALT, VS
  • ATC : Open/Close window + 1 to 10 commands
  • Lights
  • Pushback
  • Trim (Up/Down)
  • Play/Pause
  • Camera (next/previous) + POV
  • HUD (enable / disable)
  • And more to come !

Also the right to vote between features if I hesitate which one to develop next :)
However, the app provides no visual feedback for now, because I focus on features more than making an actual button that shows you if yes or no the gear is down (you can see it on the simulator screen)

Tutorial : How does it work ?

First, you need to connect the two devices on the same network
Then, follow these steps ( [IF] = Infinite Flight, [IC] = IF Cockpit) :

  • [IF] Start Infinite Flight
  • [IF] Check ‘Enable Infinite Flight Connect’ in General Settings
  • [IF] Start a Flight
  • [IC] Click ‘Auto Connect’
  • [IC] Wait for ‘Connected’ message in the info panel
  • [IF] Go to Settings > Controls
  • [IF] - Click on ‘Roll’ and move your phone to left/right
  • [IF] - Click on ‘Pitch’ and move your phone frontwards/backwards
  • [IF] - Click on ‘Yaw’ and move the ‘Rudder’ slider left/right
  • [IF] - Click on ‘Throttle’ and move the ‘Throttle’ slider up/down
  • [IF] - Check any ‘reverse’ box if needed
  • [IC] Click ‘Auto Setup’ at any time to reset connection if needed
  • [IC] Click ‘Calibrate’ at any time to reset axis center


  • I can’t
  • It take time to work on this, to maintain it, to develop new features …
  • I had to pay 99€ to put it on the App Store (+ 25€ on Android Play Store coming soon)
  • I will release parts of the code and tutorials to let you develop your own apps and I strongly encourage you to do so !
  • I just won’t.

What does it look like ?

Colors have changed (it’s now all black) but globally look like this !

Hey ! What about Android you apple geek ?!

Here it is ! You can now control your Android with iOS or vice versa, or iOS-iOS or Android-Android do what you want and FLY !


Got it! Looks really good!


Neat. Good work.


Awesome work!

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Great work!


Great work but I think it is a bit expensive, My opinion thanks


I know but that’s the right price for me and to offer no In App Purchases


This is the same amount as IF. Too expensive.


The IF aircraft are £4 pounds. For the same price as a not so great aircraft, you get a whole app. Developing takes time and money, and publishing an app on iOS is very expensive.


I know ! me too ! pfeww

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Sadly I don’t have a phone, only an iPad. I sure will buy it when I get one!

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yeah, it wasn’t really adapted to iPad so I disabled it

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Ah, okay. Looking forward to the updates, and as I said, well done and good luck!

I think is too expensive.


I don’t think I will make it compatible with iPad, but I’m working on another app that might be cool for you :)

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Okay, awesome! Looking forward to it!

If my Apple ID wasn’t disabled, I would definitely get this.

How did you get that disabled?!

Awesome! Can’t wait for android!

The credit card I have linked expired. Now I can’t get anything until I can get around to linking a new one.