Pitch dipping when enabling AP

It almost looks like it started to happen since the new update. But when I take off and enable VS and/or ALT mode, the plane pitches all the way down to ± 0 FPM, to pitch up again to the selected VS. How can i prevent this or can this issue be solved. In the years of experience on IF ive never seen such a strong pitch down moment.

NOTE: This occurs only when enabling the AP, not when the autopilot is disengaged or APPR is on (as that is a known " problem" )

hope to hear some advice, i started to notice this issue since the new 777 update.

First of all, it’s a known issue.

Enabling SPD before VS helps a lot, so your pitch does not keep changing (it would if your speed was increasing).

Hope this helps!

oke so, you gotta talk me through the problem here in a terms of physics. how can it be that the plane gets a pitch down effect when holding my VS. I was doing about +2500FPM and did a VS hold on that 2500. But why is it going all the way down to 0 FPM to go up again to 2500 FPM. yes i was accelerating, but slowly, so there wasnt any absurd amount of force around the on the plane

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Do you have a screen recording of what it is doing when enabled? I think that will help to make sure of the issue as there are a number of variables involved.

im now on my way to MMMX from EHAM, so in about 10 hours time i can get a replay screen recording for you

A replay won’t show what we are trying to see. When you can would it be possible to record with the controls on the screen?

I thought it was already fixed since Laura said that it’ll be fixed before 20.2 release. But as we know it didn’t and I just suck it up and fly lol. It’ll be nice if it will be fixed thou. Oh and please make the aircraft less violent during banking

i will perform a test flight after this flight, to reproduce the issue

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I can help with that, i have the same problem

Nvm I cant access to the game -_-

ETA 0058 GMT, after that i will be doing some pattern work at KBFI, to do some test flying

What helps me is waiting until it reaches 185 knts before you turn on the autopilot .

@Chris_S B777 pitching down

i will reproduce it aswell, it seemed to pitch down much more violently on my side

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How can I upload a video?

You will need to upload it to a site like youtube and provide the link.

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