Piste 08r/26l Close for work at LFPG

Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport will close its southern runway for 14 weeks, including the time to replace its ILS and dig a tunnel for the future CDG Express. The impact on air traffic should be minimal.

According to Movements Pros, works are carried out on the technical installations of runway 08R / 26L (runway 4, already renovated in 2014): the ILS guiding planes, especially in bad weather, will be replaced, and the safety areas at the end of the runway ( RESA) will be redeveloped in addition to a partial reconstruction of the runway. And as announced by CEO Augustin de Romanet in the spring, this closure will also allow the digging of a railway tunnel dedicated to the future CDG Express, the connection between Paris and the airport.

Arrivals will be on the piste 08L / 26R

Expect longer delays for departure on the south side? as 26R/8L is the departing runway and CDG is a busy airport

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For the moment the traffic is not affected

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