PIREP Reporting Thread

UUA / OV 48.50012 -59.15342 / TM 0410/between FL320 and FL380 / TP A380 / WV289120

Right at the exit of track’s A, B and C on the American side

UA /OV 54.87,-24.93/TM 1435/FL340/TP A333/WV325118

Currently moderate turbulence, heavy turbulence further east along Atlantic Oceanic track Charlie.

Location: North of Atlantic Oceanic Track Charlie, South of Atlantic Oceanic Track Bravo, directly south of BIKF (Keflavik)

UA /OV MCK/TM 2115/FL350/TP B752/WV 286090/TB MOD

Moderate turbulence over Southern Nebraska at FL350. Winds blowing 286 degrees at 90 kts.

UA /OV LAS/TM 2140/FL370/TP A320/WV 295100/TB MOD

Moderate turbulence over Las Vegas at 37,000 ft.

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Pireps reporting:

UA /OV -36.75712/173.01180 TM 1200 / FL320-FL360 /TP A333/WV301128

Extreme tubulence over the Tasmanian Sea (Dividing Australia and New Zealand)! Almost set my aircraft out of control and spiral!

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MOD-SEV/738/15NM west of CYYC FL150-FL100 on descent going east from the Rockies. Going about 225kts. FPM deviation of about 500fpm. Autopilot was on. Heading deviation of 1-2 degrees. Turbulence was moderate until I got over the final ridge then it got really bad.

UA/OV SNY TM 2252Z FL310-360 TP BCS3 WV 262066 TB MOD-SEV

Very strong low pressure system over Mid-west U.S. causing strong winds and gusts at all altitudes up to FL390. Smooth at FL400.


UA/OV 5S2 4.2NM/TM 1919/FL380/TP A339/WV 294060/LGT CHOP

Smooth ride all the up the West Coast on the way to Seattle.

UUA / OV KMDW / TM 1750 / FL020-015 / TP B737 / WV 190008G20KT / RM LLWS +5/-10KTS RNWY 22L

Guess they call Chicago the “Windy City” for a reason.


Area around KSRR Mod-sev turb. Worst turb around fix CEP. Alt FL090-110. Fpm deviation of +/-500fpm- 1000fpm. Aircraft tp- XCUB. Wnd 260@48-70kts

UUA/OV KBDU5/TM 0510/FL090/TP C172/WV26050/RM SEV TURB FL080-090 ALT DEVS 10-15ft.

PIREP: UA /OV MA264.7/TM 1724Z?FL300/TP BCS3/WV291110

Location: Western Massachusets


(i have to write a sentence down here cause the IFC says that the body is unclear)

UA /OV 27.94,-84.292/TM 1900/FL370/TP A333/WV27876

Location: West of Florida (Gulf Coast of Mexico)

UA /OV EHAM0.2/TM 0907/FL001/TP B789/WV30034G46KT

If you are not familiar with Crosswind landings, consider diverting because landing in Amsterdam is currently VERY VERY difficult.

By the way its my first time making a PIREP so please tell me if I am allowed to write a PIREP about a very low altitude.


UA /OV ENBR5.0/TM 2025/FL003/TP A320/WV17048G46KT EXT TURB on final
Windshear (and not even exagerrating, speed went up from 160kts to 200kts and then suddenly dropped to 140kts)
GO around had to be made.
ACFT could not follow localizer


UUA/OV KMTN/TM 2050/FL350/TP B763/WV (no direction)148kts/RM SEV TURB alt devs 15-25ft -0.3 gs to +2.0 gs +/-200fpm to +/-650fpm

LOW UA /KAYS /TM 1632 /FL 340 /TP B737 /WV 253105 REMARKS: 🤮

Above KAYS, en-route KMIA - KATL to see what’s the crowd and commotion is all about, while getting hit exactly sideways with 105kts wind. Pretty severe to bounce around a 737 like a 319 I reckon.

Edit: Okay I’ve never seen the ground oscillating like this from inside the 737 cockpit before, A/P yoke goin crazy lmao! I guess wind direction matters…

UA /OV MXF/TM 2205/FL300/TP B739/WV 253045/TB LGT

Light turbulence over Southern Alabama at 30,000 ft.