How to I calculate the flight multiplier and flight time + multiplier for BAVA PIREP?

Start a PM with @IAGVirtual and ask the same question. I don’t think the whole community needs to be involved.


So because it’s based in hour; minutes format, make the two minute values, add, and multiply by whatever multiplier. Then, with that final minute value, simplify into an hour; minute value. So let’s say a 1 hour 30min flight, take 90 min * 1.5 (135) and out that into hour; minute. That means it’s 2 hours 15 min

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can you please explain it further ?

Are you in the bava slack?

I have passed the exam and waiting to recieve my account, but I watched their video and it had the multiplier but I could not figure out.

Please contact your mentor in the BAVA slack when you join, rather than here, it’s a lot quicker and easier 😉

These are all things that will be covered with you when you do join, best to wait till then as topics like this aren’t really necessary 😉

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Its best to wait till you are invited into their slack and ask someone on their. They have a lot of people who will be willing to help.

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Thank you so much

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