Piper vs Cessna


I am interested to know your views of which aircraft company you prefer as a light - aircraft.
Personally, I prefer piper because I think they offer aircraft that can do more diverse things!

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Each has their usefulness but I’m a Piper person myself

I prefer Cessna as in my opinion their designs have become iconic and the Skymaster is one of my favourite planes.

I learned to fly in a Cessna 152 - a great plane for learning in. Having flown the Cessna 172 and 182, they are just as forgiving and rugged.

The only Piper I’ve flown is the Warrior 161, got about 150 hours in that type.
Much nicer cruiser than the Cessna’s, although it feels more cramped up front for some reason.

Both planes are safe and fool proof. I’ve heard some interesting things about the Piper Tomahawk and it’s wing drop stall characteristics but never experienced it first hand.

These days I fly Diamond DA40s which are much more modern and comfy, but I’m glad I learned on the Cessna’s and Piper’s as they give you a really nice stick and rudder skill set. The Cessna’s in particular with their higher wing and higher stance and higher centre of gravity teach you good crosswind landing skills.

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Couldn’t agree more that’s what I’m training in is the Cessna 150 and 172 and they definetly teach you rudder control

  • Piper
  • Cessna

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Cessna is better because they offer a more wide range from single engine to duel engine jets

Pipers props look better IMO. Some Cessna jets look nice

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