Piper Seneca V

But remember Matt has developer abilties.

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What of CRJ 200 or some other Citation… Any way am getting of topic in my own Topic…lets take it somewhere else

Also, the logo for the seneca might not be developed. So it shows as an twinjet.

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Correct @Phoenix1

Same for me

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Bumping this!posponing it’s expiry Date…I want them to #make_it_free LOL

If they put this in IF it would be used as my personal GA Aircraft.

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😍 Me like 😍

Looks more exciting than the current GA aircraft available.

Sure it is[quote=“Swordfish, post:29, topic:35690, full:true”]
Looks more exciting than the current GA aircraft available

We need this.

Great Topic!This is definately the Top requested GA aircraft

Found the Pilot Operating Handbook for the Seneca V!

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This is almost a must have

Unfortunately it’s too early for that!I’ll wait until it’s confirmed

Still, just to have it here in case they add it.

I hope so too phillipe said theyre working on a non-commercial" aircraft…might be a fighter or GA…fingers crossed

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flown this type of aircraft in real life its a nice airplane

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Love it so much

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All i can say is yes!

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