Piper PA32 Cherokee

The piper pa32 cherokee is an amazing ga aircraft with 1361km in range and being able to hit 272kph during cruise this little wonder in my mind needs to be in infinite flight and I hope you agree

Picture from: globalair.com

I think this aircraft sould havethese features to make it the best it can be if it to be added into the game:
•live cockpit,
•openable doors,
•loads of liverys,
•able to use without pro sub,
•the full engine start up procedure,
•special sound for this particular aircraft and
•rolling wheels.

The sound of the reciprocating engine is different to other prop aircraft but they still nake the same sound ingame so that is why I want the unique sound to be implemented in game.

I know that with project metal and the 777 this probably won’t be seen immediately by infinite flight creators or not seen at all but I thougt that it would be a good idea to get out there so I hope you’ll agree.

Happy flights!!!