Piper PA-46 Family

Credits: Piper PA-46 Malibu Mirage : FLYER

Short Introduction

The Piper PA-46 family consists of long range General Aviation aircraft. Manufactured by Piper of Vero Beach, Florida, The single engine aircraft has the capacity for one pilot and five passengers. Early Malibus were all piston-engined, but a turboprop version, the Malibu Meridian, is also available. The prototype for the first production model, the pressurized PA-46-310P, first flew in August 1982. Certification was awarded in September 1983, with production deliveries from that November. The PA-46 is the third single-engined piston aircraft with a pressurized cabin to reach the market, after the Mooney M22 and Cessna P210 Centurion, and the only one still in production.

The Family

PA-46-310P Malibu
The Continental TSIO-520-BE powered Malibu (original) was discontinued in 1988 following a series of incidents and accidents attributed to engine failures, though there are many still in use today.

PA-46-350P Malibu Mirage
The Mirage was the new and improved Malibu. Production of the Malibu Mirage commenced in October 1988 for the 1989 model year. New features included a more powerful Lycoming TIO-540-AE2A 350 hp engine and a new wing design. Various changes have occurred over the model years, though it is very similar to it’s original build. Many of these are still in use today, and production is still ongoing.

PA-46-500TP Malibu Meridian
In 1997, Piper announced its intention to market a turboprop-powered version of the Malibu, and flew a prototype the following year. Certification was achieved in September 2000 and deliveries began in November that year. Piper sells about 38 Meridian’s a year.

Malibu Meridian M500

The Piper Meridian M500 updated the G1000 system with an automatic level function and control overrides to prevent exceeding flight envelopes. It has ADS-B, but no FADEC, and its tanks hold 170 US gal and burns 37 US gal/h. It is a light plane at 5,092 lb (2,310 kg) MTOW and cruises at 260 kts.

Mailbu Meridian M600

In 2015 Piper introduced the 600 hp (447 kW) $2.853 million M600 with the Garmin G3000, a new wing and more fuel capacity than the M500; giving it a higher range. It received its FAA certification on June 18, 2016. Its NBAA IFR range is 1,484 nmi (2,748 km), up from 1,000 nmi (1,852 km) for the M500, and max cruise speed is 274 kts up from the M500’s 260 kts.

PA-46R-350T Matrix
In October 2007 Piper announced the Matrix, an unpressurized version of the Mirage. The new model has been designated as the PA-46R-350T, indicating retractable landing gear, 350 horsepower (260 kW), and turbocharging. Piper Aircraft is marketing the Matrix as a cabin-class aircraft for Cirrus SR-22 and Cessna 400 owners to step up to.

Why in Infinite Flight?

With the rising demand for a new GA aircraft in IF, I decided to create this feature request. This is one of the older GA aircraft, though because of it’s natural beauty I feel it’s necessary to be added to Infinite Flight. It would be the first of the Piper family to be added, and would look amazing, seeing how far this simulator has already gotten.

Malibu Mirage Flying Specs

Top cruise speed: 232kats
Average cruise speed: 200kts
Gross weight: 4300 lbs
Empty weight: 2790 lbs
Rate of climb: 1200 fpm
Ceiling: 25,000 feet
fuel capacity: 120 gal
Range (with reserve):1,261nm

Malibu Meridian Flying Specs

Top cruise speed: 260 ktas
Gross weight: 5092 lbs
Empty weight: 3390lbs
Rate of climb: 1200 fpm
Ceilling: 30,000 feet
Fuel capacity: 173 gal
Fuel capacity (M500): 170 gal
Fuel capacity (M600): 260 gal
Range (with reserve)(M500): 1000nm
Range (with reserve)(M600): 1,484nm

Matrix Flying Specs

Top cruise speed: 213 ktas
Gross weight: 4340 lbs
Empty weight: 3003 lbs
Rate of climb: 1200 fpm
Ceiling: 25,000 feet
Fuel capacity: 120 gal
Range (with reserve): 1300nm

Credits: Piper PA-46 - Wikipedia

Such a beautiful aircraft. You’ve got my vote!

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Great request! Got mine as well


Thanks @Bobby and @Chris_Hoover! Small compliments go a long way ;)

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Beautiful aircraft, I would like to fly this in the sim


I think it would be amazing to fly this in Infinite Flight; hence the feature request.


Very well detailed… I believe IF needs more smaller and easier aircrafts to fly in. As this one is used in flight training schools, this would be a good addition

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We need this plane. There are too many jets/airliners already, give us GA enthousiasts some proper new planes!

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I agree! Hopefully with the CRJ update to come soon, this will be next in line!

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Here is another view if anyone wishes to see it:

Source: http://cutteraviation.com/cutter-piper-sales/aircraft/piper-mirage-pa-46-350p/


This needs more votes everybody, let’s get this to 20! :-)

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Very cool for them to add more smaller prop driven aircraft in IF. I guess they’re not as popular among the users unfortunately.


This does need more votes ;)

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I saw a P28 today (I know, I know, it’s not a 46) but I still think we need more GA aircraft. Especially since you can do VFR from your local airport.


A P28 is still pretty close to the 48 :) Nice find!

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These are fantastic machines, a legacy platform at its best. I’d like to see some more part 135. Lots of King Air, PC-12 and even Commanders (hint) working.


I just love GA. It would be awesome to have this plane in IF.


Correct me if I am wrong but there are two engine versions right?
One is turboprop and the other one is a piston engine.

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Yes, you are correct.

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Ok thank you.

Wouldn’t be against it to this one in the future. I do like high performance piston and turboprop aircraft.