Piper pa-38 tomohawk

Ok I have to say this, a piper pa-38 tomohawk would be an amazing ga aircraft to add to infinite flight.

Especially with these features:
•Openeable doors and hatches,
•Live cockpit,
•Loads of liverys,
•The full turbo prop engine start up procedure,
•And spinning wheels.

I really do think this would be a awsome addition to the fleet and I wouuld love to see this in Infinite flight.

Happy flying!


There is already a request for this plane. But with no details. Mods have to decide which one stays.

  1. Provide photo credit
  2. PA-38 Tomahawk is not a turboprop. It has a flat 4 piston engine.

Credit to google,

And I didn’t know that.

If you make a feature request you have to do some research imo.

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I searched up: piper tomohawk requests and nothing showed up so i made this

Google doesn’t exactly classify as a source. Google is a search engine that looks at sources. It will show which website the image is from. You can then click to that website, and hyperlink that web page. If you don’t know how to hyperlink, refer to this post.

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Just take it down this is to much hassle

It’s probably because of misspelling. Can happen to everyone.
I meant research about the aircraft.

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Alright, I’m sure a moderator will see this and remove it.

I wouldn’t consider a #features post a hassle. It is a project, and like most projects, it requires work and research. If you are not willing to do that, then don’t.