Piper PA-38 Tomahawk

This would be a great GA for IF. (Flag if duplicate)

(credit) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UOUoQRq29mk

Can you please provide photo credits as per the guidelines? Thank you.


There’s also no need to say this. You would know that this isn’t a duplicate if you had, in fact, searched before requesting this. There’s no other topic on this so don’t worry. :)


Sometimes even when I searched it still is a duplicate because of different titles.

Good idea! IF is really lacking GAs.


I am currently learning to fly this aircraft IRL, a great wee aircraft to fly. I would love to see this in game! Hopefully soon

Very interesting looking plane indeed!

The Piper TRAUMAhawk!
So called because of its tendency when stalling to enter an aggressive spin.
I have had the pleasure to fly in one, the stall horn sounds early for a very good reason!
Wonderful bubble cockpit gives great visibility, and with the distinctive “T” tail, this would be a great addition to IF.
Hope to see more votes for the charming traumahawk!

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I would prefer to see the piper arrow or warrior get put in instead of this

Infinite flight needs more GA airplanes