Piper PA-31T1 (my first ga flight)

Today, Thursday Dec 21, I went in a Piper PA-31T1 Cheyenne 1 registered N939JB
I took off out of Northeastern Regional airport (EDE) in Edenton, NC. We did some circles around my house and then went up close to Virginia. You can go look at the playback of the flight under the plane N939JB’s history

Now here is some Pictures

Thanks IFC for viewing!


Cool! so thats why you couldn’t come!

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Yep! I am coming home now

Wow, first flight in a multi lol


That’s cool!

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thanks friend!

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It’s so cool to fly that!

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thanks man, it was.

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I tried the C172 before but this is way cooler 🤔

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oh ok! i saw one from rdu landing in the picture

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I approve. You went close to Virginia.
But A+ if you WENT to Virginia.


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