Piper PA-31 Navajo

Howdy Infinite Flight community!

Today I was flying around the LAX area in “my” 208, and it got me thinking… Infinite Flight doesn’t have any multi-engine GA aircraft! The closest thing you can get to a multi-engine prop aircraft, is of course the Dash 8 Q400, which not many people own as their “private airplane”. The closest thing to the PA-31 in terms of size, is the 208. I’m aware that the addition of the PA-31 was brought of back in 2016, and well… it was lacking in terms of words, and it was also four years ago.

The PA-31 was first introduced to the world in the year of 1967, and hit the production lines the same year. The last PA-31 rolled off of the production lines in 1984, but even then, many of these aircraft are still in the skies.

The PA-31 is considered a “Civil Utility Aircraft”. Many people own them as their private aircraft, and smaller charter airlines such as Iskwew Air fly this aircraft.

^Iskwew Air Piper PA-31 Navajo^

I’d also like to note, that out of 4 (or 6 if you count the TBM and the Citation X) GA aircraft in Infinite Flight, half of them are Cessna, not one of them are Piper (the XCub is technically by CubCrafters), even though Piper has produced multiple of the most popular training aircraft to date, such as the PA-28.

What I’m really saying is,

Let’s shake it up a bit!

Stay safe, everyone!


Yeah… missing engines might be a problem 🙃

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(Sorry, also the photo is of an Iskwew Air Piper PA-31 Navajo, REG: C-GPAK)

Twin props for the win

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I closed the old one since it had zero votes and had minimal information. Carry on here and vote away!

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No votes left, but really wish a twin prop of that kind soon! Nice one.

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Here I am realizing I forgot to vote for this haha!

Not only do we need GA aircraft reworked we need more GA aircraft and we have no twin prop GA aircraft and I would love love LOVE to see those. Voted without a second glance

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Right?! If I could, I’d make a generic thread for “Twin GA Aircraft” but I believe all feature requests must be for only one feature, which kind of blows… 😔

This is needed on IF so bad!


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This is a MUST. I would love to have a twin engine GA in the sim.

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@Guxk was right.


He said that we would see you the next day from yesterday.

Let’s please not let this die it’d be great to get more ga aircraft on the sim

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It already died, being all honest.

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Positivity 100 .-.

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