Piper PA-28

I have noticed that IF has a huge lack of GA planes and needs more direly. It would be cool to see this plane in IF because it is good for flying to small airports but it can takeoff on small runways.


Top speed-132KTS
Cruise speed-123KTS
Stall speed-50KTS
Takeoff ground roll-720ft
Rate of climb-750FPM
Gross weight-2,400LBS
Empty weight-1,230LBS
Fuel capacity-50LBS
Landing ground roll-600ft


Photo credits and specs?

Also plz vote on your own feature request

More info visit this link

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Believe this could be a duplicate:

As said below, depends on the Variant this is.

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You must specify the type, other wise it is a duplicate. That looks like a Piper Warrior but don’t quote me.

Cign :)


@Charlieab29 I might be wrong in saying this but it could be the same variant

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I just edited it.

There is already a feature request for the Cherokee.

Please vote for it here: Piper PA-28 Cherokee

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