Piper PA-25 “Pawnee”

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The piper PA-25 was developed back in the 50s to be a better version of the piper J-3 cub that we all know and love (didn’t mean for that to rhyme). Now it is used mostly as a glider tow plane and a cropduster.


Engine- Lycoming O-540- B2B5 piston
Power- 235 Horsepower
Max cruise speed- 107KTS
Approach speed- 53KTS
Range- 203NM
Service ceiling- 13,000FT
Climb rate- 630FPM
Takeoff distance 1345FT
Landing distance 1246FT
Max payload- 1202LBS
Fuel tank capacity 36 gal
Seats 1
Length 25ft
Fuselage diameter- 3ft 3in
Wingspan 36ft

I would love to see this plane in IF because it’s just a really awesome looking aircraft and it would be really good for if infinite flight ever adds gliders. Also it would be a cool plane to fly around especially in the backcountry. I hope this actually takes off (pun intended) and thankyou in advance for voting. happy flying -stormy

Sources Piper PA-25 Pawnee - Price, Specs, Photo Gallery, History - Aero Corner

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I actually fly a pawnee in real life towing gliders, very fun aircraft to fly!


Oh that’s really cool it must be fun the plane looks pretty badass from the outside.

It’s a pretty docile tailwheel because of all the airflow over the tail from the prop, but since it’s a low wing it likes to float. The nose is long and sloped, so keeping level while taking off and landing looks like you are about to put the prop in the ground. Also, it really doesn’t like forward slips. A lot of load is put on the motor mount and the long nose, so I try not to forward slip.

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