Piper PA-18 Super Cub

The noticeable lack of small GA planes is a sore spot of mine in the sim. With all the tiny airports and fields that will be even more abundent in Global, I would love to see this STOL taildragger added. No taildraggers except a few planes in need of a rework in IF so far.
An option for tundra tires would be nice!

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Even more abundant isn’t even the start! There’s hundreds of airfields that we have already that are branded for small GA operations. Piper, Cessna, Beechcraft, Cirrus, all of the small(er) GA population is welcome in my book. There’s so much real estate to use, and once global is here the larger jet liners will have more than enough room to stretch their theoretical legs to make room for the smaller planes.


Is it just me or does that look photoshopped? The aircraft looks like it is floating.


Search up STOL Valdez. It is landing for a short landing competition and you have to touch down as close to the line as possible. It is just about to land here. The people in the background are officials who judge the distance!
Hope it helped.


Would love to see DA62, pa28.

It is fake

It’s not. Check out @SWNelson’s comment:


Lol you do realize planes fly right? Like that’s the whole point of an aircraft.


It does its floating

I agree especially with those great wheels, we can do off-airport landings in alaska and all sorts of cool stuff!

That is an amazing picture!


The propellor doesn’t look like it is moving though

It’s the shutter speed of the camera doing that


I think it’s just landing and some cameras remove the blurry look and make it look still

Guys, I absolutely PROMISE you this isn’t a fake picture. Now back on topic…

The shutter speed is short, therefore giving the impression that the propeller is stationary.

For those of you who don’t think this is real - go to youtube and search for “Piper cub Alaska landing”


I’d love to see this aircraft with various configurations. The Cub and Super Cub are historic aircraft that deserve their place in the simulator.

Also to help the bush landing aspect the taxi speed violation should not exist outside of airport boundaries, currently it’s tough to bush lans

Isn’t the SuperCub the most produced aircraft ever? Anyways, we need more GA aircraft and this one is essential!

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That title belongs to the 172, with 43000 built. However, the super Cub still has an impressive 15000 productions. Source: Wikipedia

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