Piper M600

Since Infinite Flight has a lack of single engined prop planes, I thought this might be a good addition to the ever-growing fleet of aircraft.

Here’s some info I found from the official piper website that I found out about this plane: http://www.piper.com/m/m600/

Here’s an image:


Full photo credits to photographer, link listed above…

So do you like it? Leave a comment below! Also vote for it in this poll:

  • Yes I absolutely love it! This needs to be added to IF!
  • It’s Great.
  • I neither like it nor dislike it.
  • I don’t like this aircraft much…

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Polls don’t count when the devs consider it.


Like what @Freddiefrogs said polls don’t count but are just amusing


This would be great, I like this design.

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M600 is a great aircraft. We need more GA aircraft especially once global is released. I would prefer to see something like a TBM 900 or PC12 first before the M600 though.

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We gotta have it! More GA aircraft are needed. This is much better looking than the 208 and has retractable landing gear, and can cruise much faster. IF lacks good GA planes, particulary we didn’t get the King air


A twin engine ga first! But this second…

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2nd vote. This is one of the cooler planes ever. Just love the PT-6A turboprop engine and the aircraft design. Love it.