Piper M350


The Piper M350 is the only pressurised piston plane currently in production in the world. With a cruise speed of 210 knots and ceiling of 25,000 feet powered by a Lycoming TIO-540-AE2A 6 cylinder performance isn’t an issue. Take off and landing are 2,090 and 1,968 feet respectively, meaning this plane would be perfect for short fields. The propeller is a 3 blade composite constant speed. With retractable gear this plane is also sleeker and more complex (not sure whether it is complex rated) than the SR22 we have and I believe would be a worthy addition to the lacking GA fleet we currently have :).

All facts have been taken from the official Piper website

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Looks nice with the sun gleaming on it, not a huge fan but IF needs more props 😉

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I always love seeing those good GA aircraft, GA is in much need of improvement. I actually worked and flew this plane for a short bit of time last summer. She is a beauty and would be a great addition!



Wow ,I didn’t knew that even a single piston aircraft was pressurised

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The Malibu is a great plane. I’d love to fly it in the sim!

🤦‍♂️ there are pressurized Cessna 172s…

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