Piper Jet

This would be a cool jet even tho it never really went into service in real life. It would help start filling the GA area


Yes. Looks cool. With just one engine

Looks weird but cool in its own way. It’s the like, uniqueness of it that I think would make it great in IF


Well why would it be added to IF if it isn’t used IRL? I like the look of it, don’t get me wrong, but if it isn’t used in the real world, then I don’t see why it would be in a simulator. Just my opinion.


Tbh more of a reason for it to be in a sim. Your argument can be applied to all the old vintage aircraft too then. It’s cool to experience something that dosnt exist anymore. It’s the reason meigs field is in this sim as well

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I see your motive; however, old vintage planes were at one point actually in service. This aircraft was resigned though. “Following a change of ownership at Piper, it was decided to redesign the aircraft into the PiperJet Altaire. Despite being technically successful, the Altaire project was cancelled in October 2011 due to economic conditions.” - Wikipedia

Not trying to argue here. You have a fair and accurate feature request. :) My last reply in this topic.

Yeah so here in the sim it will live on

Nice. a SingleJet. A pretty cool addition

Well we have the 787-10

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Yes but the 787-10 is under development and it’s NOT cancelled. Duh.


Oh, sorry. Still, this looks cool 😎

Yeah. Completely agree!

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