Piper Cub Family

I am very suprised that the Piper Cub and its variants have not been suggested yet, (considering their popularity.) I would love to see more GA aircraft in IF and I think this one would be a great to add.


Piper J-3 Cub too? The original cub?

Yes sorry, I changed my mind half way through making the topic😄. I’ll edit it now.

That would be cool if there would be an infinite flight banner attached to it and you can advertise IF through screenshots. The banner would appear after you reach a certain altitude

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It could be a mission (Like with the space shuttle, or the old Spitfire and 747 missions, if anyone remembers them😄) . Take off with the banner, fly it on a certain route then drop it on the runway go around and land. I saw a Piper Cub do this once in Puerto Rico, it flew over the runway at a low altitude, dropped the banner then while forklifts came and cleared the banner off the runway it flew around and landed.

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The Cub was my choice back in the early development days. We wound up with a the Super D since one of the Dev learned to to fly in it cousin the “Champ” as I recall. . Suggested the Cub any model w/Tunda Wheels back when you could land in the boondocks w/o penalty. The “D” is a fine airplane and meets the performance envelope of the early small engine Cubs just fine. Unfortunately IF’s D sits forlourne and forgotten on rotten row.sits without a 3 D upgrade like the Spit another fine proven legand.
I think you’ll find the Cub in the feed back Q in App. It may have been requested when the Forum was launched and is now lost in the Archive which is unmanageable. Keep in mind the majority of IF folk are mesmerized by Hvy junk. They couldn’t get a tail dragger of the ground when the tryed the D or the Spit. Only a few of us remember that the majority of pilots get there first ticket in a light GA. Now it’s the commercial pipeline with hours of simulator time. Most of today’s young commercial pilots lost there hand eye coordination they push buttons and let the FMS do it that someone else pre- programmed tape… Bottom line put the Cub back in the pipeline via the in App feedback which is organized. You’ll get my vote and I solicit support from my flying friends. Good luck, Max Sends

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Some day I’ll tell you my Banner Tow experience in a “Kadet” when I was a kid. Over the Jersey Shore. Fond memories… Thanks for the story… Max Sends

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I forgot to mention the fact that you could include various military liveries for the Piper Cub and Super Cub.

yes i would love to see the xcub too and the others in IF with an Floats variant and Tundra tires and the reg
tires in the game i love doing backcountrty flying and i do it with my friends