Piper Cherokee 235

My opinion: I think it will be good because we lack on GA and also it is very known for a awesome (easy to handle) aircraft

Source: Perfect First Airplane l Piper Cherokee 235 - YouTube

More about piper: Piper Aircraft - Wikipedia

Thank you for your post!

I noticed you don’t really tell us why this aircraft deserves to be in Infinite Flight. With your request, you didn’t entice me to vote at all. I wouldn’t even know what separated this aircraft from the C172.

Don’t be afraid to reach out if there are any questions :) I also suggest viewing my recent request for formatting tips.

I voted! I would love to fly this out of KVNY

Thanks for the vote @N492ED

And this is a nice airplane so hopefully a lot of people vote,…but I can’t blame them because they vote on the best ones and there is a limit