Piper Archer LX

Hello IFC! I wanted to propose a new aircraft to the game! I present the Piper Archer LX. The new Archer! I wanted to add the LX since it is newer and has a glass cockpit, also it is not the training model so it is more luxurious, I also believe with the glass cockpit (G1000), it would be easier to make thanks to the TBM already in the game with Garmin displays, Please vote and Cheers!
Source: OY-UGH | 2019 PIPER ARCHER LX on Aircraft.com
Info about the Archer LX:

Crew 2
Passengers 2

1 Piston Lycoming IO-360-B4A Engine
with a Sensinch 2-Blade.

Speed 237 km/h 128 kts
147 mph
Service Ceiling 4267 m 14,000 ft
Range 967 km 522 NM.
600 Miles

Empty Weight 766 kg 1,688 lbs
max. Takeoff Weight 1157 kg 2,550 lbs
max. Landing Weight 1157 kg 2,550 lbs
Wing Span 10.8 m 35 FT, 6 in
Length 28,65 m 93 ft 12 in
Height 11,23 m 36 ft 10 in

ICAO Code P28A
Full aircraft name: Piper PA-28-181 Cherokee Archer III

Strongly earned my vote

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Amazing light aircraft

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Lets get more votes!!

I like low-wing airplanes, the Archer is definitely one of my favorites. I like how the engine sounds. I voted.

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Thank you!

Its not spam. i was encouraging the community to find the topic, if I was spamming, the thread would be full of those messages.

I see these kinds of aircraft nearly daily, whether they be flying by or in the pattern, they’re a regular thing around the parts I live at

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Here is a picture of the cockpit of the Archer LX!

Very nice