Pinning/Making a Sub-Category for Region Tracking Threads

With the advent of the new ATC regions system, I think that the region-based Expert Server ATC tracking threads (such as this one) should be either pinned to the top of the #atc category - or a new sub-category should be created, possibly named #atc:regions or similar. It becomes easier to access and search for them quickly, and see which controllers and regions are active, and for how long. What do you think?


This seems like a good idea! Although that would be a lot of pins lol

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Agreed. A sub-category like #atc:regions or a similar name might be better. Updated the post to reflect that.


I like the idea! It would a good way to see what airport has active ATC much more easier.

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Thanks! Yeah - not just the airport but also the time that the controller is active for. That would be very helpful especially in planning short-haul flights where we want active ATC.


Yes, good idea… I think its about forward planning. The website now tells us what airports are open in real time (divided into the regions with tabs now).

But we lack what the published ATC schedule previously offered… A forward plan of expected open frequencies and key routes.

I love the idea of the “IFATC Takeover… (Italy, Greece etc)” and I’ve flown in a couple of them… But, they were worryingly sparsely populated by pilots, I presume because of everyone being more spread out and the relatively short notice.

Yes, I personally use and love it - but the tracking threads give us the most up to date information, along with the times that the controllers plan to remain open.

That’s why it would be great if they were more prominently displayed or easier to find on the forum.