Pink Spot (SeaTac)

There’s a pink spot just before the runway at SeaTac. May be a bug, may be intentional but please tell me what it is.

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What’s the airport? I will try to land too and see if it’s pink

SeaTac = Seattle Tacoma


OK… I’ll try…

It’s pink in my device too… It’s not just in yours

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It’s pink on mine too

There’s a lovely Tulip field.

Noticed it a while ago,but never did anything
Went to the handy google earth to investigate

Likely a glitch,nothing like pink flowers or buildings or signs.

Btw pay attention to your glideslope if didn’t intend to get low

The time when the Google Earth imagery was taken is likely quite different from when the IF imagery was taken, therefore there could’ve been anything in that place making the ground look pink. Anything from tulips, to perhaps a foil over the grass for any reason. I can’t see that as being a bug.

There it is

Just some poorly rendered runway lights/ILS Lights


Hmm that seems convincing
Although there is a chance it could be something else

I was just there for the screenshot, but thanks.

Thanks! Seems like the answer!


Due to the global map on IF is 15m satilite imagery, it could be that purple house (right red circle)
Or it could be the bluish things (left red circle)
Again IF’s scenery is 15m so its not the best quality!

I think this is your answer/solution


If I had to pick one I would say it’s the house. Thanks, and that’s a bit more reasonable than the ILS theory, but that’s my opinion.


Except for that the house is at 16C and the OP is looking at 16L

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I’m gonna guess it’s the house. The satellite imagery isn’t exact. On the ground, it’s just a blob of colors. I think it’s almost 100% the house.

Adding on, it’s quite a bit more to the right of 16C as well… but who knows, could be it, the house i mean? :/

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As i said, we have 15m satilite imagery, as @jakevaz423 said too, the imagery we have in the game isnt exact

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I think it would be the purple house, since the ILS things would be orange, A, and B the pixel for that 15m square would be the color that the majority of it is, so I don’t think those orange markers are the majority…