Pink Engines

Hey IFC! I am currently flying the Delta B752 from Tampa to Atlanta right now and as I was approaching Atlanta my engines turned pink. I’m flying with @BenjiTheBull and @Avaitor1 right now and they are having the same issues. Below I’ll attach an image that @Avaitor1 took of the issue.


That is so odd.


It really is. That’s why I’m reporting it.

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it just might be a one time occurence
try changing certain things and it might disappear

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I’ve landed already and it still hasn’t disappeared. @Avaitor1 said his app crashed but me and @BenjiTheBull landed safely but I can even see his engines are pink also.

Hey there!

That’s purely a graphics glitch - it seems your app has had a random issue loading the engine textures. It’s nothing critical though - try changing to a different camera; if that doesn’t make the textures reload, an app restart will more than likely fix it.


like you restarted a flight?

Camera change doesn’t work. You can see the pink engine glitch even if you’re not looking at the engines, you can see it from basically any camera angle that’s looking at the plane. It’s weird how it has happened to 3 users at once.

and its happening for another 752 at the airport

Any solutions?

This will probably fix it

I’m having it again.

It is a real thing. This is the second time I have had this happen.

I prefer to call it “Disco Fans”

So weird that it happens to everyone at the same time

It has to be an IF bug and not a device issue for any of us.

Also happened to us when doing a group flight all in 757’s

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It looks like many users have been able to replicate the issue at hand. Now we just have to await a staff member to acknowledge the issue and hopefully it can be fixed very soon.

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Seems to be just in the 757

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Yeah, I haven’t been able to replicate this issue in any other aircraft. Very strange.

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Did a quick spawn in the AA B757, no pink engines. Try changing liveries, from the Delta to the American Airlines one.