Pink engines Galore!

I’ve recently attended @IcelandicVirtual’s launch event on June 7th.
Which means I got to fly Icelandair’s 757 for an actual reason than me just being bored!

Anyways, here’s the pictures.

There goes an E-JET of to AMS.

4 hot pink engines.

This is a very sick shot

Look at @OV-099 in the distance just blasting off!

Wait, THIS is iceland, right?

A giant triangular rock with a bunch of snow on top!

Wait, how did OV beat me? I took off first??

Iced out🥶

Anyways I’m off to hibernate until the next BIKF Flyout comes about. See you soon!

oh right, the details!

Expert Server
Thanks @OV-099 for the company, even if we were many nautical miles away.


The hot pink engines glitch 💀

Fr though, Boeing should scrap the idea of a 737 MAX and make a 757 MAX. It would solve all their issues.


Very funny one. Never forget that OV-99 is the acronym of a space shuttle. No one can beat him lol


Can someone please take this pink engine bug seriously? It is really annoying and the time change fix dosent fix it.

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Sorcery, mainly. And a hint of take and bake pizza

Always nice to have some traffic at Portland!


So I ain’t the only one that had the issue😂

It was a pleasure to have you at the event!

Delta174J, CEO

New engine type for the 757 🤣

I love pink!

Ah yes. A fello pink engine player

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I smell a airport starting with P


Don’t worry. Im sure a hot “fix” will solve it 🫣

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Im not one to complain. Never have been. But the fact that its allowed to go on and on and on is really agitating. When things like the 767 cockpit get removed because it falls short of standards and expectations i respect that decision. So surely this bug should be treated with the same attitude. Surely it falls outside the same standards and expectations.


Oh trust me, I agree with everything you said. Weirdly and funny enough, this issue happened to me in Denver shortly after I commented earlier… All I can say is LMAO… 🤦🏻‍♂️

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