‘Pink Bar’ Glitch

There’s a pink bar next to your speed and altitude that shows the rate of your climbing rate and the amount your speeding up but sometimes when you speed up or slow down the pink bar won’t move and it’s only fixed by switching cameras which is weird

Just in case you don’t know what I’m talking about


I know what you are talking about, I have had it happen a few times. Just switch camera modes after it happens and then reinstall the app after the flight is done.

I’ve done that, although it seems to reoccur🤔

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Ok, does it happen every flight, or once a every month. Also, is it only in the A320 family.

Basically once or twice every flight

hmmm, looks interesting. If you’ve tried all the usual stuff like an app reinstall and there is still no improvement, I think @schyllberg is your best hope!


I have actually never seen this before.
The only exception to this i can think of, is if the app are entering “low power mode” when the rate is changing. That’s intended.

I don’t think I have low power mode on, lol I think I’ve made an unsolvable support topic

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Maybe you will have to try harder to break IF ;) Im sure the wonderful devs will find a solution!

Can you please go to (in the app) Settings → General and scroll down to see if you have Low Power Mode ticked? If yes, untick it and see if it happens again.

It’s off, I checked after your first message

So it’s not ticked? Okay.

What device are you using?
Are you able to screen record a few of your takeoffs so we can see when this is happening?

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I’m going to bed now but I’ll record it on a flight tomorrow, iPad Mini 4

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I have had this issue before, not sure on what aircraft though, this is not localized to one type of aircraft I think.

Just FYI I have seen this on low power mode on a regular basis (which I understand) but never otherwise.

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It seems to have stopped, anyway it’s not a Massive problem anyway