Pingu's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED]

Hey guys, this is my ATC tracking thread. Hope to get IFATC soon, we’ll see how it goes. :)


I’ll be opening now at KEWR, swing by if you want. ;)

Hello! You probably saw that I just stopped by for a little. Typing feedback! :)

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Thanks for swinging by! Wasn’t exactly sure what I was doing, but I’m sure you have some great feedback.


Feedback: @Pingu

1). There is not a need to give a pattern instruction after I took off remaining in the pattern.

2). You only had to give me a clearance for the option. You did not have to give me left traffic because I was already doing it for runway 4L. This is only required if changing runways or if changing traffic direction.

3). Runway exit was way early. For jets: Aim for 50-70 kts. For props, aim for 40-50 kts. I was at like 150 kts and was actually going to touch n’ go if I didn’t destroy my gear 😂🤦‍♂️.

Also, don’t be surprised if u see someone takeoff again after an exit command. The pilot has his or her right to do so because of the option clearance. This is just a note for the future. Option overrides exit.

Overall, not bad today! Hope to see you join the IFATC team one day! It will take a bit of work, but u can do it! Also, check out the Youtube tutorials on Youtube and the ATC manual on the user guide. Feel free to PM me or ask me here or anywhere with any questions! Feel free to tag me in the future as well! :)


Thanks for the feedback! I’ll be sure to take this into account for my next session. :)

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Ooooo I was wondering if you were going to apply for IFATC in the future. Tag me next time you open I would love to swing by 😀. Take care and I wish you the best in your journey to become IFATC.

You can tag me in the future if you like, I will try and attend a few sessions :)

Unless the pilot has announced he’s full stopping, you do not need to give a runway exit command at all because if he slows down to a controlled speed and you do give one but then he takes off again, all it’s going to do is cause confusion. Even if he stops on the runway, he could have the intention of doing a stop and go so it’s extremely hard to tell if he’s carrying on with his patterns or full stopping. Just don’t bother with it.

The only way of really telling is if he actually starts to exit the runway, but since he’s already exiting then a runway exit command is pretty useless at that point so you can just switch them over to ground.


Opening back up at CYHZ!




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I’m finishing controlling soon so I’ll try and come by :)

dang it I’m in flight but landing in 20, will you be open?

Most likely, I will be. :)

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@Pingu If you still open after 1515Z, I will try to stop by :)

Didn’t know you had first session today haha otherwise I can drop by :)


@CPT_HILD, do you think the SR22 will need the back taxi or no?

I’m on my way !

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Tag me when you are next open :)

Cigning off.

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I can stop by for a bit

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That’s the pilots decision to make on every takeoff clearance it gives the pilots the allowance to back taxi if they think appropriate :)

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