Pinecone’s SECOND ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED]

I am having 13kt tailwind. It’s better if you change it.

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  • Should have no pattern work: The airport is surrounding by terrain. A hill on final and on the left side of runway 13.

  • Forgot to pattern entry: After I request runway change, you did not give me pattern entry.

  • No need to say unnecessary to report, you were already clear to land: You give me option runway 31, and I report, “On final Runway 31, Full Stop.” I am letting you know I am landing full stop. If others say, “On final, runway 13,” and they are already clear to land then tell them it is unnecessary.

  • You gave me option late: You should give clearance/option on downwind, not on final.

  • Good job on exiting runway command.

Overall: 7 out of 10.

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If you’re still open I’ll come over as soon as I’m off. Shouldn’t be much longer

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Nope, I’m done now.



I am OPEN at KSWF, New York’s Stewart Int’l!

Now closed at KSWF!

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