Pilots with part 61 in airlines jobs?

Who’s a pilot that has done part 61 and works for the airlines or corporate now??


Area 61, military?


At a flight school part 61

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Perhaps @Heavydriver may have some information on what a Part 61 consists of and what it means for yourself career wise.

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Have a read of this, it gives the differences between a P61 and a P141 flight school. From what I can see a P61 is less formal flight school and aimed at leisure pilots whilst the P141 is more of a full time flight school , bUt we do things a little different in Europe.



Then @Aernout is your guy

o7, although we don’t do P61 in Europe, on the airline side myself.


I know you said Part 61, but you may find better luck with a Part 141. I went through a Part 141 and got a job offer from Envoy Airlines, a subsidiary of American Airlines. This took me all less than a year.


Congratulations on getting the job with envoy! What equipment you on?


I did 61. Shoot your questions

Or Run to Europe, Skip the regional go straight to 320 fresh out of school :P

I will be flying their new E175’s

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Great job! You will have to tell us how close the IF model is too the real thing!

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did you go through ATP a flight school or build hours your own way?

I went to a university and got a 4 year Bachelors Degree since that is what it seems like what most airlines are looking now for. However, do not be mistaken that a degree is not REQUIRED. Only preferred. The university that I went to is a Part 141 and they get you all the way from your first solo to Commercial Single and Multi.
Benefits of attending a University for flight training: Most aviation universities have an agreement with the regional airlines for the students to instruct at partner schools while working as a Flight Instructor and as an employee of the airline. I have attached a link to the various schools in the United States that offer R-ATP or Restricted ATP minimums. This allows you, if you meet the requirements, and obtain the courses that are valid for the R-ATP hours. This was another reason why I went to a university. I no longer have to meet the mandated 1,500 hours but rather for me personally 1,000 hours. I realize attending a university is not financially possible for most but if you have the opportunity, I highly, highly recommend it. Pilot Training | Federal Aviation Administration ← Look under the “Higher Institutions” section.

After I graduated, I had about 300 hours. I still needed to find a way to make up another 700 hours. Having connections within the realm of aviation is crucial. Flying part 135 SIC is a easy way to rack up hours. (Great Lakes Airlines). Fly cargo, aerial survey/photography, flight instruction, you name it. Getting a job under 500 hours is the toughest part.

The best advice that I can give: Do your research! (Success rates, costs, safety records, you name it) You want to be the best pilot, right?


I got ya. I started out doing 61 for our PPL then went to HSU to do 141 and like it. I’ve got about 150 hours and fly 1-3 times a week which is nice. We do anything from PPL to MEI-I which is nice and also hire our flight instructors that have been through the program


Glad to hear that you have something that is organized. Many people will get turned off from flying when their environment does not fit them. 👍🏼

Oh yah it’s great. There’s isn’t a day that goes by wishing I was doing something else. It’s my childhood dreams ans im glad I get to live it

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Im 26 now and I wanted to be a pilot since I was 3. Its been 23 years in the making, and I haven’t wished anything less. Its not a job, or a hobby but rather something that I love. Best wishes on your future endeavors!

Thanks, thats why i love aviation. 18 years old and everyone in the pilt community always wishes me well on my endeavors. i love that about aviation