Pilots with 1000 hrs plus to fly 737 Max

Finally India has also established some norms regards the volatile 737 MAX situation. Boeing needs to take a hard look at this airplane.


Don’t you need 8,000 hours to join a airlines in the US

Nope, my company hires at 250. For 14 CFR 121 operations you need 1,500.

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Is that a regional airlines like American eagle, because i thought american required 8,000

American Eagle, and American both require 1,500.

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So I can fly tours or skydivers until 1,500 hours

Yep, you can get hired on with a 135 Operation like mine, work to your 1,500 and then jump ship to somewhere else.

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Finally saw my first one on radar designated 73M

Dude. No airline requires 8,000 hrs. Are you serious?! lmfao.

Qualifications for an AAL Pilot Applicant

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8,000 hours is a lot of hours.

Some budget airlines require low amounts of time for there pilots

Especially air India has a history of putting very inexperienced pilots in the cockpit.


Sorry to say, but 500-1000 on a jet you are just breaking in. If that. I flew an erj 145 for 3 years I was still studying the plane. Same goes for my current gig. India(and other Asian countries) hire FOs as low as 500tt to fly their 320 and 73s. Crazyyyyyyyy, but it is what it is.

While legacy airlines have the min 1500 TT, no one gets hired with that avg is around 4500-6500 hrs(I know pilots both in the corporate and regional world that haven’t gotten hired with those numbers) In aviation you will learn real quick min hrs required does not mean you will get the job right away. The only people that will get hired with such low times is military. That’s it.

That said. You can get flying gigs at 250tt and more gigs around 500-900tt range. It’s a combination of luck , timing and who you know to get flying jobs at such low hrs.


Like @Erj145 said 1000 hours won’t do much considering most of the US airlines require 1,500 hours to get in and they recommend you have more than 2,500 hours

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Has led to some pretty bad pilot mistakes in India that could of left to a crash

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India and Asia is notorious for doing that!

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When I first left active duty, Southwest wouldnt even give interviews unless you had a 737 type rating. I wasnt about to go pay for one. You could apply, but you weren’t gonna get an interview. It’s probably still the same. And yes, to echo above comments, airline minimums may be around 1k to 1500 hours, but depending on where youre applying, that is nowhere near enough to be competitive.

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They don’t require a type rating anymore. Just had a pilot leave us and go over there he was on the CASAs for us

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Am I the only one who doesn’t understand what they mean by they are performing safety checks when we don’t even know what the cause of the Ethiopian accident was??

I highly doubt this is going to come down to an aircraft defect. The first crash was due to poor maintenance coupled with poor pilot training. Granted having your trim run away just after takeoff probably isn’t something that gets practiced often however boeing did have the procedures in place for such an event. This latest crash it is too early to say what contributed to the outcome of the flight, speculation on such isn’t a good thing to start at this point. However there will definitely be a lot of contributing factors to the outcome that occurred just as there is in nearly every aircraft incident. Stating the aircraft it’s self is volatile is a bit of a stretch however.