Pilots voices are the same

Alex en-US and Samantha en-US are the same voice. This didn’t used to be the case.

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Hey! Only these 2 are available for now as the developers were facing issues with the other voices!

Hey @V1RoRo!

Sorry your having troubles!

As of now Infinite Fight is only offering the voices available within your device and ones limited to IF.
For IOS do this:

Here are some helpful links:

Thanks for the tip! I’m all up to date and was able to download Enhanced Samantha. However, Alex enhanced won’t download so Alex still has Samantha’s voice in the game.

These voices take a surprisingly long time for it to download be patient but if it doest restart your device and give it a second shot.

Yeah it’s wild. I did a restart and everything for my iPhone and iPad. Neither device will download Alex when I try to in “Accessibility”. It shows the download icon and when I tap it, it does start the download but then stops about halfway and goes back to the initial download icon. I tried it about 4 times then gave up.

Very strange. It could be ur device so my best advice for you at the moment is to wait for Apple’s next software update to possibly fix this bug. I will file a report on your behalf for this.


Thanks! I appreciate it. Using an iPhone 12 Pro Max and an iPad Pro

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No problem glad I could be of assistance. Sounds like a Apple issue or a issue with ur device. I remember when something similar happened and it fixed itself on the next iOS update.


If you haven’t already try a hard reset of your device by holding down the power button and the home button or on ur phone he top volume button.

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Still may be room to try more things. One what I said above and two try and uninstall and reinstall infinite flight.

Still believe this is a Apple issue.

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Did the uninstall and reinstall of IF just two days ago due to the “No Weather” and inaccurate METAR at some airports.

It will on some points since it is like a hard reset but for IF.

Sorry new update should be coming soon :)

Interesting update! So I log into my iPad today and Alex enhanced downloaded itself at some point without any further attempts by me (And works in IF!). I tried to download it again on my iPhone and it completed the entire down circle before reverting back to the download cloud icon. So success with the iPad and no luck yet with the phone.

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Great news!

Success on the iPhone as well! It definitely seems to be an iOS issue. I just happened to check this morning and voila Alex enhanced was downloaded. Fun times 😂 Thanks for your help!

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