Pilots using runways opposing traffic

Hello I came to clear a couple things! The last couple days on expert have been fine and ive had no complaints. Recently pilots started to head onto expert server not following the flow of traffic and this is causing some concerns for me because that is unrealistic first and second could cause a problem between other aircraft. Today I had an incident with Delta 2314 (IFC SamuxlXVI) he was against traffic and if the airspace had been more packed he could of cause problems within pilots arriving on the correct runway.


Yeah sadly more and more pilots are being disrespectfull and ignorant to others on expert server…


Yeah they really are and it just takes the point out of “Expert Server”


I’ve been seeing behavior like this lately on the expert server as well. It’s very frustrating since the expert server should be a serious pilots “getaway” from the shenanigans of the training and casual servers. But, for some reason, more lower-level and barely experienced pilots are showing up (for example, ones with fewer than <200hrs flight time and they treat the expert environment like the training server. They are gaining the experience quickly by doing touch and goes, ultimately jumping up to grade three far too fast, in order to join the expert server, in turn making it worse.


I totally agree with that. Ive seen a couple <200 hr pilots now on the expert and they really tend to struggle to acknowledge the rules of the ES


as far as I know its technically legal to land on a „red“ runway as far as no traffic is blocked. If so the active runway has priority

It depends what time it is at airports. For example KLAX has only over ocean operations at night where arrivals come from the west and departures go to the west. This is a real procedure and I have experienced it myself. We do know that one was wrong but it depends what time it was to see who was wrong

i think this procedure is dangerous


I never said it is not illegal to land on red runway. Im just saying if your flying in a packed airspace with no ATC follow the flow of traffic dont be that one pilot who goes against all traffic

Your correct! But even then I get you can land on red runways but do so when there is no traffic you know. Dont go in the direction the traffic is coming

Yes I agree. In IF I just think you have to follow the flow of traffic even if the procedure is wrong instead of going the wrong way.

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Exactly 100% agreed. Its just some pilots dont do that I dont understand why

Yea. I would suggest that everyone who isn’t sure of the procedure should look at Flightradar24 to see how the plane landed come in. And it makes IF more realistic

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The past 2 days I have seen 3 topics like this, it won’t solve anything to report it here. If people want to do this kind of things we can’t stop them, even if they read this they won’t care. Incidents like this happen all the time, it still is a mobile game, which means people don’t really pay attention, or they are young kids, or they just want to troll. These things will happen all the time and we won’t be able to stop it, not even with awareness on this community.

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It’s not very nice to shout out somebody’s mistakes. I’m extremely surprised that nobody here has said this. I’m disappointed.

Wrong way drivers. What can ya’ say? It happens… 😐