Pilots to have to choose what ATIS information they have

When spawning into a controlled ATIS airport, you will get the ATIS, this contains important info about the airport you are at. At the end of the transmission it says “you have information alpha”

I suggest that when you contact ATC and request push or taxi, you need to specifically press “A” or whatever information you have.

So from contacting ground for taxi this is the ATC commands you would press:

request taxi->specific runway->17->A

And read out it would be:

“ground, callsign, ready to taxi to runway 17, information Alpha.”

Just to make it more realistic

That’s a lot of pressing to do… XD

I don’t even know if I should vote for this or not.


Not really, it’s just one more button. And it makes it so you actually listen to ATIS

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What if you accidentally click the wrong information? (like you are Information Bravo, but you accidently hit Charlie)

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You gotta think about trolls and noobs! This won’t work with them.


No because they may lie or just randomly click an information. The automatic system is better


Well noobs shouldn’t be on the expert server. Imo


Unfortunately the average noob doesn’t care about where he should be and where not… you won’t believe what you get to see while controlling on Expert Server


Yes but to access the expert server you should be capable of some basic knowledge

Also, then ATC knows that they actually read the ATIS. If the information letter is wrong, the interface could just say “wrong information, please read again” or something.

I don’t see this happening, but it would be nice to have some way of forcing them to actually listen. I can’t tell you how many times ATIS says runway 18 in use only to have someone request taxi to 36 three times in a row.

I don’t care that you spawned in your 388 in the GA tie-down closest to 36, that’s not how we determine what’s in use: whatever is easiest for the lazy pilots. That’s not a factor. Sorry.

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