Pilots! Tell me, what is your absolute favorite aircraft to fly in IF right now?

Hey All! This is just a little question I was wondering about the other day and decided to post it. This can be any aircraft, GA, Commercial or Military :)

My Personal Favorite would have to be the 777-300 for me. I love the range it has and i’ve become very good at landing it recently. I probably use it on more than 50% of my routes

Airbus A350-900🤗

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I don’t know if I just have one, but I love the a350. It’s such a beautiful airplane with great range and (most of the time) smooth landings. Also love the E175 & E190, just a fun airplane to hop around in, especially after the rework.

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There’s a gazillion of topics like these. No need to ask everyone a few times per month what the favorite [insert any object] is.

Thank you :)