Pilots suspended for letting a child fly an aircraft during a commercial flight

The article mentions that the pilots were allowing the child to be in the left seat and take the controls as a result of some charity work. I personally have no problem with the pilots doing that as I would’ve done the same thing. The child was properly supervised, and even the pilots noted that he seemed very disciplined. I also disagree with the airline’s decision to suspend the pilots. I think its important that children be given opportunities to experience their dreams while they are at such a young age as that boy mentioned. To be able to fuel a child’s passion is the best thing in the world and it’s indescribable the incredible benefits that happen when that’s done. I can almost guarantee that the kid will become a pilot after that experience. Its like i always say:
Passion is the greatest motivation. My passion is Lamborghini. What’s yours?

What’s everyone else’s thoughts on this?


just like aeroflot flight 593, except with less death


Disagree. As long as the pilots had a close eye on him and importantly he was not acting as PIC it’s fine


I support the airline, I mean look what has happened in the past when a kid has been at the controls. It didn’t end well. I mean I definitely recommend the Emirates Aviation Experience.


The pilots certainly had the best of intentions but this quote presents the bottom line: “The pilot says the child was able to manipulate the aircraft — a clear breach of civil aviation regulations.”


Would you put a child at the seat of a moving lorry or train?

Me neither. That’s nice but irresponsible and against every policy out there.


They are lucky they didn’t got fired. One thing is visiting the cockpit or sitting in the jump seat, and another being in the pilot chair and touching stuff. I understand being something for charity, but you’re putting everybody on board at risk. If it would’ve been in a cessna or any private plane, it wouldn’t be a problem.


Too much room for error. If you are in your own personal plane, do what you want. But when you have 180+ people on board stick to the rules. They can look out the window and see all the buttons but don’t touch. The same goes with over anxious adults… I get more concerned when the door is open for long periods of time. How long before some evil person takes advantage of a kid up there and uses it as an opportunity to cause harm. That is why we cant have nice things.

Look at how messages Tyler gets on a weekly basis regard them being ghosted because “I let my brother/kid/dog hold my tablet”…


Exactly my thoughts. That flight is a perfect example of how dangerous it could be to place an inexperienced person in front of the controls. If they are in the jump seat with a seatbelt on though, that I can approve of.

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I thought it was against the FAA rules to let a passenger in during flight🤔 Before startup and after shutdown is ok.

But I do feel sorry for the pilot, he kind of did the right thing imo


I know a few of the pilots from Qantas and Emirates, and when I am booking a flight, I make sure to communicate with them and try and get on the same flight. Because they know me, I am allowed jumpseat access for the whole flight, including taxi, takeoff and landing, but never, ever am I allowed to touch any part of the controls until the aircraft is cold and dark.

The child in this situation may have had security clearance or knew the pilots, but he definitely should not have flown the aircraft.

Also, when I do find myself in the jump seat, the pilots prefer me to exit the cockpit or enter it as discreetly as possible, because 100 passengers at the front of an A380 don’t need to be stressed out after seeing a “random adult” walking in and out of the cockpit, even if it is with a flight attendant.


I would have done the same for a little kid, I know the first time I saw the inside of a cockpit I knew I wanted to become a pilot one day, just simple pilot’s being nice.
If the CEO of the company liked aircrafts as a child he or she would have loved to have that experience

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I personally have no problem with this. There are photos of me somewhere sitting behind the control of a KC-10 en route to Guam. Did the plane crash? Nope. Did the pilots get suspended or fired? Nope. It wasn’t a big deal, and it shouldn’t be here. It was for a good cause, and the wasn’t “flying the plane”, he was just sitting behind the controls. Flying the plane would be a whole different ball game.


I wouldn’t want an adult non-pilot at the controls, holding the lives of hundreds of people in his or her hands, much less a 10 year old.

You don’t think they should have been suspended? Because they were being nice? People’s lives were in his hands, disciplined or not. In what universe is this not a poor choice? Why would they not be suspended?

[And, no matter the rationalizations given above, we know there are innumerable incidents that happen without warning at any point during a flight with trained pilots with hundreds or thousands of hours of flight under their belt. You can’t possibly say “nothing could have happened” with any certainty. That’s a statistical fact.]


A similar incident also happened several months ago in here. When the pilot let his family to visit the cockpit until a passenger noticed it.

I think it’s still controversial to let your family members to visit the cockpit especially during in-flight as many passengers would be at risk because of the pilot’s decision in case one of the family members made a “problem” in the cockpit


That was terrible! I saw some documentaries about the crash it was a catastrophe. And letting a child to manipulate the controls of an aircraft is something that i just cannot understand from the pilots. I visited the cockpit of some aircrafts but when we were on ground, and of course i spent there like 10 minutes and then i went back to my seat. It was amazing to see the pilots doieng the fuel calculations and speaking with the atc, pressing buttons, i also talked to the captain about his amazing job. It was an unforgetable experience!

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MaxSez: Duplicate. Covered in the Wkly Accidant/Incidant Rpt Sunday.


One thing is letting kid “kinda fly” on the ground, and the other is letting him in his seat inflight. There was another that type of situation onboard aeroflot flight 593, but in this case, there is no one to suspend, because everyone was killed. It is normal to let other pilot you know in the cockpit inflight (probs). The airline does the right thing.


That’s soo cool. I’m too shy for this.

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How is this a duplicate? The article I cited was published earlier today…

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