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I found this video on YouTube a few moments and just wondering from anyone with real life experience if this is the truth? Because if it is goddam its pretty unappealing. I know that flying is about the love of flight and the experience and its not just about the money but it gets to a certain point where it just isn’t worth it, in my opinion.


Certainly pretty accurate in the US! There are changes afoot after the Colgan Air crash but, as was stated in the video, the industry is pushing back hard.

Less duty + More rest = more expensive pilots

Welcome to the spreadsheet driven airline world!

Love of flying and the experience can only carry you so far, you have to live as well!


I don’t sleep very well so it won’t matter


yeah fatugue is the 21percent responsible in air crashes…data aci

This is in the U.S… I don’t think it’s like this in Europe.

It’s true and especially since there is a shortage of new pilots coming in. Most of the pilots this is affecting are the smaller regional airlines that are subsidies of the Big 3. That is where the greatest pilot shortage is and the biggest push for long hours is coming from.

Unfortunately the EASA regulations that came in last year in Europe also make the job of the airline pilot untenable with unscrupulous employers.

For those looking to enter the profession we did fight it but the European bureaucracy defeated us.


Huh that sucks. Still doesn’t deter me from my dream job!

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Do you know if that is the case down here in Australia?

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Sorry, not sure of the regulations in Australia. A good starting point would be the CASA as they encompass the safety regulations therefore the fatigue and duty hour regulations.


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Ask @anon31652286, @Riley, @Skylines. They are good and are like my masters


From what I’ve heard pilots don’t get a lot of sleep on international flights with Qantas. Not sure about domestic.

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