Pilot's spectacular photos taken from an airplane cockpit

Thought I would share this here.

Purple lightning, psychedelic sunsets, glowing clouds and swirling Northern Lights – when it comes to crazily beautiful natural phenomena, airplane pilots have a front row seat.
For the rest of us wanting a glimpse of what life is like in the cockpit 30,000 feet above the planet, there are the incredible photos taken by Dutch pilot Christiaan van Heijst.
Van Heijst has been documenting the scenes outside his cockpit window since becoming a pilot at the age of 20.
“It’s like a peaceful solitude just flying high up in the sky away from the rest of the world and the planet,” he tells CNN Travel.
Determined to become a pilot since childhood, he got his first job 14 years ago, flying in Africa and Afghanistan.
The pilot brought his camera along to document the experiences. “I needed to capture them because I realized that if I don’t take pictures of it, if I don’t capture it, it will be gone forever,” he says.
Van Heijst quickly realized that photographing from the plane was just as exciting as photographing on the ground.

And that’s how he started photography from the cockpit

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These are some great photos. Thanks for sharing.

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