Pilots Say Hello! @ KLAS

So, back at it again at Krispy Cre-

I mean McCarran Airport, I tried a new spot near the Southwest Cargo Center! We got about 200 feet from each aircraft

First was a Southwest Captain in his 737-800 waving hi to me as it heads off to Kansas City

Next was a Spirit A320 Pilot also waving hello as he heads off to Seattle!

One of these 788 domestic routes leaves for Dallas as he nods me hello 😂

An A319 pilot waves See ya as he heads off to Orlando.

Back at my regular spot I get the A330 Hawaiian rocking that new livery from Honolulu 🤩😍

The 788 American from Dallas arrives about 25 minutes after the other 788 leaves.

The Alaska 737-800 Honoring those who Serve livery arrives from Seattle

And the last catch of the day is a United 737-800 in the new livery arriving from Denver

Bonus Photo

So all of you know about the COVID-19, well, when I went spotting, a lot of United’s aircraft were stored. 2 new liveries included which were a 737-800 and A319

Pick your favorite!

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That’d be a 737-800 ;)

Nice shots though dude

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I’m actually correct here, you can search it up :)

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No you’re not, sorry.

Look up N570AS (it says 570 on the gear door).

If you’re still not convinced, it literally says -800 right next to 570.

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Okay then, we’ll a bunch of websites say it’s a 737-900er lol, I guess I’m wrong here.


Haha there are 3 planes painted in the livery.

N265AK: 737-900ER

N570AS: 737-800

N651QX: E-175

I’m not blaming you for the confusion - Alaska quietly switched the Cars livery on the -800 to the HTWS one.


Great Photos, I think the last one is a bit over saturated. I love the zoom on the wing for that Spirit A320.

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Absolutely stunning pictures! Especially number 5 with the stunning background! Really well done, thanks for sharing!

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these photos weren’t good…they were BOSS!

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I really love all of the photos here! You are really lucky the pilots waved at you, well done!

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Great shots! Good job!


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Unfortunately no birbs decided to show themselves.

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…maybe call them


throw seeds at the planes XD

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I will take your advice for my next spotting trip

I’m going now lol.

That Hawaiian A330 is soooo nice 😍

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