Pilot's response after "Radar contact" from Departure

What should we do after receiving “Radar contact” from Departure when I sent “Check-in” command after take off? I thought there was no command like “Roger”. Just wait for next direction from Departure, am I correct?
Last night Departure didn’t send any direction for several minutes after “Radar contact” and I needed to fly runway heading long time. I have no idea I was wrong and what I should have done…

“Radar contact” simply means the controller has controller has established your position on their frequency and you can continue with your flight plan. You don’t need to say anything else, until he issues you a frequency change or gives you some vectors. So yes, you were correct.

Also this may help


Check-in like you did and continue to fly your flight plan. You will only receive vectors if there is a conflict. Otherwise, you will get a frequency change when you depart departure airspace.


TimShan05 and Chitown,

**you can continue with your flight plan.
Thank you for the inputs!