Pilots on Training Server [Poll]

Explain to some new members, Why the chaotic situation happen on Training server sometimes.

  • There is lack of ATC knowledge
  • He/she think can get away from being penalised
  • Following other persons footsteps who doesnt follows instruction
  • Catch 22 (pilot think, not getting right instructions, atc think not everyone follows his instructions)
  • Its training server what you expect!

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You forgot the, “All of the above” choice 😏



Yes, but you can choose all options :)

I just selected all of them😂


You know what’s fun about that? I have to deal with them as soon as they get to grade 3. Not so fun when someone starts taxiing through people.

There should be two more options:

  1. Certain airports cough cough KLAX cough cough have way too much traffic for inexperienced ATC to adequately handle.
  2. Many pilots don’t know or completely understand basic procedures and rules about flying.

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