Pilots not listening

Playground ATC - Use That Report Button!

I’ve ranted about this aswell :)

I agree fully with all of this.

Although I don’t like to play on another region with only 15 people max. I paid for live to play with a lot of others, so I always play on South California. So just saying “play on a paid region” (with way less people), is not an option nor a solution for me.

Please Report users if they are not following instructions!

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Unfortunately not possible as an ATC

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It is, but its hidden. Check this out!


Umm I’m on mobile right know and can’t open the link :/

In all honesty, controlling professionally is far easier on the advanced server in comparison to the playground; larger amounts of pilots who are familiar with ATC commands and usually (Not always) follow instructions.


This is the link : How to report users as a pilot and as a controller

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Ok thank you very much

Yeah it does get frustrating. I tend to pick a remote airport away from the southern California region and within 15 minutes you should get some traffic.

Aspen (KASE), St Maarten (TNCM) and Changi (WSSS) are all good airports where you will tend to pick up high quality traffic if you are patient. Otherwise good luck on the southern California playground… I guess if you can succeed there, the advanced server should be easier.

Even as a pilot willing to listen, it is hard on the playground when you have things like people sending on-guard messages from a tower 200nm away.

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lol thats been there. its already worse. controlled KNUC for 2 hours last night, around 35% of traffic dis obeyed my orders even when they were cleared to land/takeoff. so stupid we need to get like 3 ppl on just to report these ppl

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Organize something with other controllers if you guys set up a airport with all working frequency’s then you can

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kk thanks for the idea Brandon

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Well sometimes but for instance today I ordered one pilot to taxi to runway 26R on London Gatwic airport. Except for him airport was empty so he had all of my attention. He ignored me completely he taxied to the opposit end to of the runway and without any clearence took of. I tried to correct him multiple times but he just ignored me. There was nothing that I could do about it since my rating is too low to report… There should be some way how to report pilots without ghasting them so eve less experienced controlers can do something about those trolls…


You know there is so many ridiculous pilots around in Southern California region and I saw that repeating touch and go even I instructed that go around(since there is already traffic try to land) or deny entry due to airport is full but they don’t follow instruction and most of them are reported by me except who does’t fly much times or doesn’t have many XP like just 5000 or so in that case I instruct them to check help pages and if they do it again I report them.Anyway in all cases if there is any tower of ground is active that is ATC responsibilities to control traffic even one aircraft doesn’t follow including me to do that every pure kinds pilots are listen to instruction and follow such as even you don’t want to do 360, go around or hold position.

Thank you if you understand.

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I was having my advanced atc test a few days ago there were 8 planes at the airport 5 of them were testers one of the planes that wasn’t a tester decided to sit on the end of the runway I was using for departures and arrivals and didn’t move so I don’t know if the testers thought it was my bad atcing but I told him multiple time as
He was entering the runway to hold short and when he was on the runway I told him to expedite but he didn’t the funny thing was when the test was over I stayed on atc I instructed him to expidite and he did it

Wow that is big scoop:) or just that pilot was unable to control but that now gonna excuse and especially at a timeframe that testing someone it’s ridiculous, I do believe most of testers doesn’t do such stupid things at least I want to believe to be.

Well as far as I know when we r being tested for advance server controller test,the testers will know who is not following yr instructions,all you need to do is carry on calmly with your test and response positively .test is carried out on playground server and there are very high tendancy some nimrods will appear along the way,all we have to do is give our best .

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Did he taxi to runway 08R? Because runway 26R is not for general use, it’s short runway, it only get used on emergency or when 26L/08R on night maintenance. That’s why Gatwick categorised as single runway airport.