Pilots Not Listening to ATC

Hello! So I’m not new to InfiniteFlight. On the ATC side, I have 8,885 operations so I’m familiar with how the network is. I’m also an avid pilot on X-Plane, using the PilotEdge network, where I have over 600 hours. So needless to say, i’m very familiar with aviation. I get so incredibly frustrated when i’m trying to work ATC on the training server and the pilots blatently don’t listen to my instructions or follow the established traffic flow. What irritates me the most is that I don’t have the ability to report/remove these pilots from the network who are bogging the controllers like myself down, and who are ruining the experience for other pilots on the network. Is there anything I can do to circumvent this issue in the future? I’m at my wits end with some of these guys on the training server.


It is a valid frustration but people on the ground and in the tower are all learning on the training server.

It sounds like ATC is an intrest of yours. :) Take a look at the IFATC Recruiting topic (Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting)and see if that interests you. We could always use people with your dedication.


Like Chris said, I’d really recommend checking out on joining the IFATC! You seem to have a lot of skills already! Unfortunately, the Training Server is known for pilots not knowing how to listen to instructions. Becoming an IFATC member should help you have some sort of authority over pilots not following instructions (responsibly of course)


Happy you have found you way over to IF!

The best way to get away from TS where people listen a bit better and is more in a controlled environment. Join IFATC!

Other helpful things for the community would be making a ATC Tracking thread! IFATC will come and prepare you for IFATC!

This is from another topic and fits good aswell! Practically the same thing that he said above lol.

Yea. Agree. If you are controlling TS ATC, try to open smaller one. The pilot mostly is grade 3 and they will often follow the instructions

I have the same troubles. I would like to become ATC on the expert server soon and that’s why I practice on the training server. When that happens to me…do I get frustrated? I sure do. I’ve learned to blow it off and continue with the pilots who are following ATC instructions. Even though I totally get what you are trying to do with making the experience great not only for yourself but for everyone. You are not alone. Keep trying and like the comments above…check out the ATC recruiting and get on expert. Even though I’m not yet ATC on expert, I really enjoy listening to the pilots follow the instructions and see everything come together.

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Will do :)

Everyone who controls Training server knows the pain not u alone bud

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For sure, and most of the time I do the same thing, especially when i’m trying to do a busy freq like socal approach hahaha.

Ima be honest. There have been atleast +9 topics about this this week LOL your not alone is the truth. Defiantly check out IFATC if you feel you would enjoy it!


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