Pilots not following ATC Commands on Training Server

I am really puzzled that pilots are not listening to ATC commands on Training Server. Since we are unable to report these pilots as I am not an IFATC, we struggle to manage the airport. I don’t want to post that person’s name yet but he is a grade 3 pilot. Is there any method that I can get in contact with that pilot, or is there anything we can do to report these pilots? I need help…

It’s training server… There’s nothing that can be done sadly regardless of rank


I am just trying to work on my ATC skills for me to apply possibly in the Summer, but these pilots are ruining the practice.



Adding on to Alphadog, my advice is make a tracking thread here and ask community members if they can stop over for some pattern works, and help so you have experienced pilots. I hope you quickly make it to IFATC.

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That’s understandable, but you’ll have to work around it, just do your very best… And if you need pilots to helo you practice, if you’re part of a VA i am sure some of them would like to help:)

Well that’s gonna be BAVA

I am sure some pilots part of BAVA would help:) just ask some

Get used to it, that’s how training server is. Nothing you can do about it. Join expert server, way better, excellent pilots.

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Since they don’t even get a warning or anything seems a bit weak for them to improve their flying ability…

You ain’t BAVA?

I am in BAVA, BAVA159. Avoid discussion on this post. You received the advice and how to move forward in getting good pilots:)
Mod can close this now:)

Was this by lax?

Ever considered why it’s called Training server?

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Off topic. Avoid sending messages to this POST.

Yea let’s just stop this discussion here then. Thanks for all you guys help!


I’ve posted the same topic you mentioned.https://community.infiniteflight.com/t/some-thoughts-about-atc-on-training-server/322960
You can check this out. I’ve come to the conclusion that we can’t solve this problem.

I was goeing from klax to ksfo were the tower wanted me to land on the wrong closed runway and i said no but he kept spamming me so i tuned out of ksfo tower and just ignored him i feel like alot of atc’s give out wrong info so is it ok for me to ignore them when they give out wrong info?

A red runway doesn’t mean it’s closed. Regardless of server and ATC/Unicom you should follow the traffic flow and don’t land in opposite direction of everyone else.
If you think the tail wind component is too high then divert to another airport.


A good way to practice your ATC skills is to make a tracking thread in an airport where no one flies to. This way you will only get people from the community who are actually willing to help you.

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@iOS_Aviator If you want to brush up on your ATC skills just PM me on slack and I will be available most of the time.