Pilots new "taxi to parking" command

Hello and good morning everyone, around 3 AM this morning, I was operating ZBAA Ground and was wondering how everyone was sending this command:

“Test Flight 1234, request taxi to parking (any)”

My device is a 32-bit so of course my game is quite outdated and will increase over time.

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It’s the default command sent when you request taxi to parking.

What do you mean by (any)?

I don’t get it… Is that for 64-bit users? I can’t give that command.

The pilots command says “any” at the end as if they had a choice to choose their gate.


For both, that’s just the message that is sent when you hear a pilot requesting taxi to parking who is on 21.6.

Oh okay, so since it says “any”, does that mean theres more taxi options?

No, not currently.

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Oh okay, thanks!

People speculated on this before. It means nothing at this moment. It is just the basic Taxi to Parking command.


Okay, I’m pretty sure that “any” after the command implies they’re working on something for the taxi to parking feature as an alternative.

This isn’t the place to speculate. As I said:

According to staff.

Patience will reward those who wait 🥸