{Pilots Needed!} [2 Hours] My Hometown Flyover @ KMGW 222045ZJUN19 (3 Attending)

Server: Global Training Server

Departure Airport: KMGW
Arrival Airport: KJFK

Time: 2045Z

NOTAM: Cessna 172/Cessna 208 Caravan Aircraft ONLY

Note: If you are attending please reply with your Callsign

My Callsign is “Delta 450”

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Might join

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I want to attend I’m Air Force 4535

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Callsign is Kowalski

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See you all there

Anyone Else?

I’ll be there

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your callsign?

I’ll try to attend your next flyout. I’m sorry, but I did not notice this in time; I’ll know better next time ;)

There is one that I JUST made @Gtmkm98. 2019-06-23T21:00:00Z

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