Pilots need to be aware of IFATC procedures

After a brief conversation with a fellow pilot and IFATC member discussing the common issues that pop up with regards to how the pilots interact with ATC I wanted to make a request that all pilots, whether they aspire to be an IFATC controller or not take a brief moment to head over to the fantastic tutorials Tyler has created on the infinite flight YouTube channel.

I believe that everyone should watch the video tutorials on ATC. Covering all aspects, ground, tower, approach and departure.

I believe this will clear up many of the the unnecessary communications that a pilot will send to ATC and reduce radio clutter.

I understand not everyone will bother to take the time to visit the YouTube channels and gain an understanding of all IFATC procedures but for those that do it is very much appreciated and I look forward to seeing you in our airspace!

Follow this link to ATC enlightenment, you never know what you might learn!

Happy Landings!


You’re right, thanks for pointing that out :)

That’s the actual meaning of the “check tutorials” message.
Everyone should know that. It’s not an insult (although many people think so) :/


Yes absolutely, I’m not attempting to insult anyone’s intelligence just directing anyone who wishes to provide IFATC controllers a great service in return for our services. Make everything out there run a little smoother for both parties


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