Pilots N' Passengers

Hello IFC,

This regards the 747-8F 's weight and balance.

I know there are more cargo liveries than airline liveries. However, I’m confused in why you can still have passengers–On cargo planes

So, the big question is: Do pilots count as passengers?. I do not expect an answer immediately from you all, so take as much time as you can to reply.

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No. The crew will be counted in the APS weight.

Since the 747-8 is in the game as a passenger plane, there is no difference between liveries from the perspective of the weight and balance page. You can see this same affect on the 757. I’d recommend voting for the 747-8F, linked below:

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This was one of the things that was observed when the MD11 and DC10 cargo variants aircraft were being tested. Perhaps one day when the 747-8 is touched up this will be something that is adjusted.

Today if you look at the MD11F aircraft, you’ll see that we don’t have any passengers. The average weight for a human in aviation is calculated to be 184lbs. You can add a few extra hundred pounds/kilograms to the weight of the aircraft to adjust for this.



is it fine if I use a 747-8F and I set the weight to have no passengers?

Since we don’t have the 747-8F, instead the usual Passenger variant, 747-8 only (with some Cargo liveries added as well), then if you may, you could set Passenger count to zero.

I usually, when flying the 747-8 with a Cargo Livery, I have 2 passengers, working as pilot and co-pilot and that’s about it, but you could do as you said and set it to zero. Both works fine :)


Yes, but on the 172 its watch seat has it’s own weight slider.

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